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They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But WE DO! First impressions are lasting (and often brief) so evaluate every element of your marketing campaign. Once you have identified your target market, have defined your WOW factor, and "know thy competition". you can select the best "arsenal" for your marketing campaign. Some apply to both your hi-tech and hi-touch strategies.
M.A.G.I.C. Words: We only have a brief time to get a few words across in marketing so we better make sure they are high-impact words! We can help you create taglines, "buy" lines and copy that will cause your phone (and your cash register) to RING!
XLeration Services offers a marketing consultation to help pinpoint those "hot button" words.
Copywriters are also great resource to put those words together in a compelling format.
High-Impact Pictures: Indeed a picture CAN be worth a thousand words. A GREAT PICTURE can be priceless... Select ones that affectively tell your story.
istockphoto.com is a great resource for a variety of images
When it has to be YOU, local photograpers are here to be of service.
Email Campaign: E-mails are a cost-effective way to stay in touch and stay top of mind...
Constant Contact has a fabulous toolset to test and measure email results as well as surveys
Vertical Response has a reasonable subset of these tools. The advantage here is that they charge by email sent. So if you have a quarterly newsletter, this is an alternative to a monthly bill.
BOTH offer FREE trials (click on the links to the right). We offer a FREE consult on which tool to choose and also can help you set up your first campaign.
Audio: Sometimes we'll read your copy, sometimes not, but if you TELL us, you make it EASY for us but it will also carry the emotional impact we want that words alone cannot. We have tools for that! CLICK HERE for more info.
Video: At times a video is the best way to tell your story for maxium emotional impact. But don't take my "word" for it: CLICK HERE for an example.
eNutshell: When you take the most effective words, pictures, audio or video and put it on one page, you have your marketing message "in a Nutshell". It is a proven marketing method with a high (trackable) conversion ratio.
Launching in January 2008. CLICK HERE for more.information.
Website: In this day and age, a website is as essential as a business card. People expect it and when evaluating a company, it is often an essential step in their research.
If you have the time and skills to build your own website, Homestead is a great resource. They offer a FREE trial
However, if you don't have the time or skills for this, XLeration Services will engineer a website with all the right "parts" to turn clicks into customers. We can build website from simple to complex, all depends on your needs. If you would like a FREE Dot-Com Diagnostic on your current website or if you don't have one, an evaluation of what one can do for you, CLICK HERE.
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