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Web Wellness Program

Out of Sight... Out of Mind... Out of Date...
I paraphrase something I learned years ago as an Information Technology Specialist: "A website is never completed, it is abandoned". It is still true today because your business and technology are constantly evolving so it may only take a few days or weeks before your website is out-of-date. 
We don't tend to look at our own websites like our clients and prospects do, we don't often realize how out-of-date it is and how this does not create a very good impression or does not promote our business like it should.
There's a "App" for that!
Another reason most website don't keep up is because your focus is your BUSINESS, not technology. This is as it should be. However, we also know that there are so many things that the internet can do that will SAVE you time, MAKE you money, and do MORE with less.
Because we have seen this happen for the vast majority of our clients, we have started a "Web Wellness Program" where WE take on the responsibility to make sure you website and other internet campaigns are current, compelling and complete!
Program Benefits:
In our 10 years of experience, most businesses don't take the time to focus on what will help drive business by using technology. By contracting for our monthly service, the things that we agree will help build your business on the web WILL GET DONE! What's more, you will save money! Our hourly billing rate ranges from $80 to $120 per hour. You can save as much as 35% by taking care of your needs on a monthly basis. 
What we will do each month:
  1. We will serve as your web admins to make sure what needs to happen will happen. You will be able to focus more on your business as we will take primary responsibility to "Get your 'net in Gear" for you. You will have more time to focus on your business.  
  2. We will focus on the areas we jointly determine are your best Return-on-Investment*.  
  3. We will schedule appointments and coordinate tasks with you as needed to accomplish each month's goals.  
  4. Each month you will get a email report of the tasks completed and statistics to help measure results of the prior month.  
  5. We will review this report during a regularly scheduled 20-minute call as well as game-plan for the upcoming month. 
*NOTE: We do not guarantee any specific results but will make recommendations and joint decisions on the best focus of funds and energy to get you a good return on investment. We suggest you plan to stick with the program at least 3-6 months in order to best gauge results and progress.
Services include:
With over 35 years in technology and marketing, we can provide you the following services that we have successfully implemented for our own business as well as for clients.
  • Website updates 
  • Newsletter publication 
  • Client surveys 
  • Social media posts 
  • Productivity & efficiency 
  • Technology training & strategizing

Options for Monthly Service

Each month's service is based on hours. The more hours you schedule, the deeper the discount on our hourly rate and the quicker the needed work will get DONE and the sooner you can expect some RESULTS! 
  • 6 hours = $397 ($66.16//hour) 
  • 5 hours = $337 ($67.40/hour) 
  • 4 hours = $277 ($69.25/hour) 
  • 3 hours = $217 ($72.35/hour) 
  • 2 hours = $147 ($73.50/hour)
  • 1 hour   = $75
Our minimum hourly rate is $80/hour
Hours not used in a given month can be saved for up to 3 months. We can decrease the monthly if this should occur regularly.
Payment for the months service is due at the beginning of the cycle. You may increase or decrease your billing rate at any time. Also you may cancel service at any time however once a cycle is billed, we will process no refund for the upcoming month. 

Isn't it time to
Get your 'net in Gear?

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