Website Makeovers

Getting the MAX from your Website


Sometimes a website is not all that bad... it just could be BETTER!

If YOUR website is just "sitting" there (even if it an attractive and comprehensive website), it can be re-engineered to be more effective...


If done with this in mind, your website will:
  • Make you Money: Your website should create a new influx of customers that is active 24/7. This can be actual dollars when the eCommerce function is activated or a virtual "leads list" when a registration form or newsletter are implemented. Bottom line is your extend your marketing effort many-fold by being on the World Wide Web! 
  • Save you Time: Your website should be doing things that you might be doing yourself. Instead of faxing or mailing a form or spec sheet, have it downloadable from your website, instead of answering their questions on the phone, have them refer to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page; instead of spending 10-15 minutes of your first meeting asking the same questions you ask all potential client, have them fill our your on-line "smart" form before your meeting...


  1. Add features on a better platform
  2. Add features to your current site
  3. Mobilize using either of the above

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