Video Generating Tools

Video Generating Tools

Tools we use & recommend:

Screen Capture 
If you, like me, would like create a video on whatever is on your screen (like a software demo for colleagues, website tour for clients, software error for tech support), then these tools are GREAT. What's more, you can store your videos on-line in their "cloud".
  1. JING is a free and simple way to start sharing images and short videos of your computer screen. 
  2. SNAGIT is similar and has more features including editing.
Music-Driven Storyboard Videos
A picture is worth a thousand words. But when set to music, these pictures will tell a story: about an event, a business, a cause, a journey... 

We use Animoto both for business and personal use. So easy to use and loads of fun... If you need help to compose your "story", let us know. It's where we SHINE!

White Board Storyboarding
White board videos are great for sharing conceptual information or complex ideas. Statistics show: 
  • Customers are 125% more likely to convert after watching a scribe than a talking head video
  • Scribes are 3x more likely to get shared than talking head videos
  • Viewers of every age recall information better from a whiteboard video than a talking head
I've looked at other options and to generate something like this would be hundreds of dollars a minute. This is an affordable option but has a steep learning curve. If you only want one or two, contact us for a quote where we use our license and expertise.

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