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Convert More Clicks into Customers!

Spending money to Send People to your Website?

And of course you want the BIGGEST BANG for your buck!! New technology will increase your call ins, appointments and sales within 3 minutes flat!

  1. You don't have to re-do anything on your existing website!
  2. It will work for you 24/7 even when your office is closed or you are busy.
  3. We can PROVE that it will make you money!
Ane we will give you a 14-day FREE trial!
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NOTE: We can provide video introductions start at $125. Ask us how!

WHY Video is THE most effective addition to any website

  • Video improves conversions - reports run from 20% to 144% improvement than without 
  • Video personalizes the website experience and can tap into an emotional want or need more effectively than "words on a page"
  • It ensures that visitors get the key points of your business in a short period of time and since most site visits are less than 23 seconds, those first few seconds are KEY
  • 60% of customers report paying more for a better customer experience

WHY Interactive Web Agents Work

Interactive web agents available for CHAT have been proven to increase leads and sales. You will see a massive increase in the amount of leads your website gets from your existing traffic! 

The reason is, they ENGAGE the website visitor. Think of how much LESS effective an office would be without a receptionist or a store without a salesperson. The web works the same way... ENGAGEMENT translates to RAPPORT which results in SALES!
  • 44% of customers say it is the most important feature during decision making ~ Foresters
  • Chat was second just behind social media in increasing conversions in 2013 Adobe Digital Marketing survey results survey what impacted the effectiveness of social media conversions. 
  • Likely your competition does not provide this service... which puts you AHEAD of the game
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NOTE: With our auto-pilot software, you don't have to hire someone! It will work for you 24/7 and send you leads! We believe this will be the on-line GAME-CHANGER for your business! AND you only pay if it works!

We have an offer you can't (afford to) refuse!

Please don't take our word on this. Let us PROVE it to you! 
  1. First, we give you a FREE 30 minute consult when we learn more about your business, web traffic and potential to make money online. 
  2. If it makes sense that our strategy will make you money, we will set you up with a FREE, no-obligation 14-day trial so we can TEST the results you get. 
  3. And we PROMISE... the cost to implement and return on your investment will be a "no brainer"! 
CLICK to schedule your FREE strategy call & 14-day trial
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