"Employ" Video Marketing

Videos can relate your STORY 24/7


We each only have 40 hours a week (more or less) to invest in our business. Wouldn't it be GREAT to do something ONCE and get paid dividends for months or even years? 

There is NO BETTER investment that creating a video that:
  • Illustrates a problem, then demonstrate your solution
  • Will be watched (people are more like to watch a short video than read the text equivalent (a picture is worth 1000 words but a video is worth a million)
  • Tells your story in an effective and engaging way


WHY Video is THE most effective addition to any website
  • Video improves conversions - reports run from 20% to 144% improvement than without 
  • Video personalizes the website experience and can tap into an emotional want or need more effectively than "words on a page"
  • It ensures that visitors get the key points of your business in a short period of time and since most site visits are less than 23 seconds, those first few seconds are KEY
  • 60% of customers report paying more for a better customer 
A good video can drastically reduce that number of impressions because within a few minutes it can convey the M.A.G.I.C. 
  • Communicate the MESSAGE auditorily and visually
  • Connect with the AUDIENCE by putting a face to your name and your brand
  • GRAB their attention by positioning yourself as an authority in front of a camera
  • INVOLVE their emotions by conveying authenticity and sincerity in your voice
  • CALL them to action with words and a well-position link
Whiteboard Videos
One of my favorite ways to tell your story in a short period of time in a completely engaging way. Videos like this can cost you hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars but we have a tool that lets us create these (relatively) quickly. You can do your own voiceover or hire talent to do it for you. Project start at under $297!
Music Video
These are especially fun to watch because there is music and the transitions can be particularly engaging to watch. Tell a story with still photos, short video clips and captions. Can be as short as 30 seconds and can go as long as 5-6 minutes depending on the story. 

CLICK to try the software we used for FREE. Easy to use and SUPER FUN!

If you need help or don't want to pay for a license, we can help!
Video Selfies
Can be an introduction, an invitation, an offer, a testimonial from a client or an interview. Good length is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
Virtual Tour
Google, through authorized photographers, can add a virtual tour to your Google Places business listing. It's interactive so invites the visitor to explore your site.

You will receive still shots of your business. The tour and photos will be uploaded for you in your Google Places account. CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment with a Google Certified Photographer in the Sacramento area.


  1. Pick up your smart phone and try some selfies. It takes some getting used to, but it's not hard and puts a face to yourname
  2. Take a workshop we will be offering early in 2018 
  3. Most of the video programs we use offer FREE trials. Give it a go
  4. If any of the above is too daunting, give us a call.. we'd love to hlep!

Next Step:

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