Time Saving Tools

Time Saving Tools

Tools we use & recommend:

On-line Scheduling
Playing phone tag with a client or prospective customer can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to schedule a meeting. Also, it works best for everyone if you can easily set up a phone appointment so the time is set and you are both prepared. 

I've tried out several of these schedulers and this is my favorite (and one of the least expensive)

On-line Meeting
Great for conference calls or training that include screen sharing.You can have up to 3 participants for FREE. We use this for quick, less formal meetings. Paid options are also available. 

On-line Conferences
Here is another option for on-line meetings. We use this for more formal meetings when we need to:
  • Have more than 3 people on-line
  • Want to record the session
  • Need to provide the link in advance for a scheduled call or webinar
Smart Forms
What makes a smart form" smart"? When it responds to the answers provided by the user to customize what they see, what they learn and what they do

How does this save you time? By engaging the visitor and responding to their answers so you don't have to.   

Mini-GPS tracker
I have a confession to make. I (used to) misplace my keys a lot. And the time I have spent tracking them down likely has totaled to hours and hours. The straw came when we lost our car keys during a hike around Echo Lake (we found them after another 2 hour hike but I searched for this solution first thing when we got home). This device:
  • Tracks keys, devices, bags, etc. with your phone.
  • Uses a Bluetooth 4.0 Connection - Sounds an alarm whenever your phone and the tag are separated
  • Has Camera Shutter - So you can take great selfies and videos (double duty)!
  • Boasts Longevity & Range - Standby time 6 months with replaceable battery; working range 10m/33ft. 
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