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"I made a fortune from what I learned from Customer Satisfaction Surveys" 
TRUE! Customers told me what I was doing that didn't have value for them.what I could do that they really wanted & were willing to pay for.who they were - I added a text box to "Gender" and got
  • Family
  • Couple
  • Sports Team
  • Mr. Smith's secretary
what was broken that my maintenance guy would never find. 
Implementing a Web StrategyWe start with a Strategy Planning session and together we focus not on what your website should look like, but on what it should DO for you and your business. We utilize our M.A.G.I.C. Marketing Formula and other analysis tools to plan the optimum website for your business... We review the 6 purposes of a website and implement the ones that make sense for YOUR business.
On-Going SupportBy making us your out-sourced Internet Technology department, your business becomes our business - ensuring your website is managed and maintained according to your strategy as your business grows and evolves.
"A website is never completed, it is abandoned." 
A website is a work in progress and is meant to grow and develop as your business does. We keep your website dynamic by laying the foundation, then continuing to adapt it to the ever-changing needs of your business. 
Affordable Web SolutionsIf you have ever had a webmaster go "AWOL" on you, there are now tools available to put the control in YOUR hands. We don't necessarily recommend this unless you have the time or interest, but you can actually build a website yourself with these tools. What we do recommend is to consult with us so we can find the best tools for you, possibly assist you in setting up your website (saving you the upfront time and learning curve) AND can show you how to update the information yourself if you so choose... We look for the best options for your business and your situation. 

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We offer a FREE analysis of your website potential. We call this
our Dot Com Diagnostic.

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