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Hi-Touch Strategies

Our internet strategies are focused on the decision making factor: the PEOPLE part of the equation. Optimizing your website for the search engines is important but optimizing it for the searches is critical!
  • What are they looking for?
  • What makes you unique enough to get you on the short list?
  • How can you expedite the sale by making it easy to do business with you?
We have developed and utilize the following formulas in our strategic planning to build you the most effective website to convert those clicks into customers.

Marketing M.A.G.I.C. 
They say you only get one shot at a good first impression. They also say you have less than 23 seconds to accomplish this with a website visitor. We developed our M.A.G.I.C. marketing formula to ensure every webpage has the essential elements to ensure more positive results from your website visits.
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Just because your website is on the Internet doesn't mean all the traffic originates from there. If you employ hi-touch techniques with the hi-tech, you will indeed experience hi-five results!
Auto-mated Marketing
I suggest (if you don't have it already), have your website featured on your car or truck. Whether it a temporary magnet, a window detail or a full body wrap, think about this:
  • a billboard can run you $10-20K per month 
  • a car sign will likely be in the $100-$200 range; is a one-time fee and you take it EVERYWHERE you go! 
I have gotten calls from when my car was in a parking lot; in my driveway and while on a pleasure trip.  
As good as you are and as much "free time" as you have your hands, you cannot possibly be EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. That means that you may indeed NOT be at the right place at the right time. If you are networking, and working the network, this increases your chances of getting the business even if you are not there. I have been a member of TNI Arden Lunch for about 18 months and it has been the MOST effective thing I have done in networking. If you would like to visit us on Tuesdays at 11:30, visit to RSVP or email me... First time visits (and lunch) are on us!
Communication Skills
Ever time you speak, you have an opportunity to interest a potential customer, close the deal, or gain referrals. Great when you have a lot of opportunities to speak because of your networking but also great because practicing and expanding your speaking skills will have a positive impact on your business. Also great is that Toastmasters is designed to help you gain and practice those skills. Visit for information about my club in Rancho Cordova or to find a club near you... 

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