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The GOOD NEWS is that technology is developing so fast, we can now accomplish more using the internet than ever before: marketing, customer service, promotions, information resource, communication and sales.

The BAD NEWS is that technology is developing so fast it is hard to keep up with all the changes. 

We provide a strategic analysis on what makes sense for your business so that you can focus on the strategies that will get your the biggest return on your time and money investment.
We call it our BIG BANG theory of marketing...
Featured Services:

Effective Websites
We believe there is a difference between a "website" and a "successful on-line presence." If your website is not making you money, and/or saving you money, it is simply costing you money! We ensure that YOUR website becomes an invaluable tool for your business by implementing the strategies that make sense for your business.

Mobile Websites

The consumer community has come to rely on internet searches to research products, find local businesses, and make buying decisions based on what they find. With the rise of mobile devices such as smart phone, statistics show that currently about 1 in 5 consumers ONLY use their smart phones for internet access. No question there. So the BIG question is are you THERE!

Google provides a lot of information to website builders. In Spring of 2015 they provided a page where we can enter any website page from the internet and get feedback on how fast it it loading both to the computer and to a phone. Regardless of if you want to come up on Google searches or people are coming to your website by other means, they all want to get their information quickly. This lets us/ you look at this including Google's suggestions for changes that can improve the score. As of the Summer of 2015, a number of the changes Google suggests are not implementable on a number of website development platforms. One item that can be reduced to small numbers (under 10% generally but not to 0%) is the size of images. 

For most business people the question is 
  1. How fast does my website load
  2. How do I make it more convenient for my visitors so they become customers? 
Here is the link for you to enter and see how any of your pages and also competitors pages load and score. You can contact us with any questions.   Link to Google Page Speed measuring page > >
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