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The consumer community has come to rely on internet searches to research products, find local businesses, and make buying decisions based on what they find. With the rise of mobile devices such as smart phone, statistics show that currently about 1 in 5 consumers ONLY use their smart phones for internet access. No question there. So the BIG question is "Are you THERE?"

You might think your traditional website is just fine, but as mobile marketing guru Jeremy Epstein has written, "Here's a newsflash: if you have a Web site, you're already in the mobile world - and the chances are you're making a terrible impression." 

This is because a traditional website is not SIZED to properly display on mobile devices. Plus many of the features may not work properly or easily on a mobile device. 
Susan Dakuzaku summarizes the compelling reasons for mobilizing your marketing. In front of the Sacramento Community Connections business group on Dec. 1, 2011, she provides an overview of the inarguable statistics, the business benefits, and the reasons EVERY business needs a QR code and a mobilized website.

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