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Video or Webcams 
Whether you do a "selfie" or have a camera-person, an effective way to add a face to your brand and introduce yourself or your services to the world.
Screen Shots & Video Capture with Jing or Snagit by TechSmith 
JING is a free and simple way to start sharing images and short videos of your computer screen. SNAGIT is similar and has more features including editing. Might be worth your while to upgrade for only $49.95.
Screen Sharing with
Great for conference calls or training supported by screen sharing. Up to 10 on-line for FREE. Additional meeting features and up to 250 on-line for under $13-19/month.
Presentations with Google Hangouts
Bring your conversations to life with photos, screen share, and even group video calls for free.
Great to solo presentations or group interaction. 
  • Can use to share screen per above but webcams involve the audience (other webinar software does as well but this is FREE)
  • Sharing a Powerpoint presentation is easier than ever before
  • Can invite attendees and/or stream live on YouTube
Compelling Music Videos with Animoto
Everything you need to turn ordinary photos and video clips into rich music videos.
Great to promote or commemorate events and special occasions. 
  • The right pictures and captions help to tell the story
  • Short video clips add another dimension
  • Music make the video entertaining
Storyboarding with VideoScribe
Make your own whiteboard videos, fast.
Great for sharing conceptual information
  • Customers are 125% more likely to convert after watching a scribe than a talking head video
  • Scribes are 3x more likely to get shared than talking head videos
  • Viewers of every age recall information better from a whiteboard video than a talking head
I've looked at other options and to generate something like this would be hundreds of dollars a minute. This is only $29.95/month. My first video took 6 hours including learning curve.
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