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Piggyback Newsletters

Newsletters keep your message fresh and your business top-of-mind
Most businesses don't have the time to send them out themselves. And because of this they may be missing some business opportunities...
Register for our newsletter marketing program that will allow accomplish the following:
  1. Get the newsletter out no matter how busy you are
  2. Get your name in front of your contacts as well as the contacts of the businesses with the same target market as you
  3. Reduce the cost because the expense is split among many
  4. Make the content more interesting to your contacts because of fresh content from other businesses that can help them
What we will do each month:
  1. Set up a business profile that will link to your website so each business is consistently represented. CLICK HERE for a tour of a sample page.
  2. Send you a request for a seasonal tip or offer two weeks before the newsletter is to go out. If none provided, a default message will be sent
  3. Send out a newsletter on your behalf every 1-3 months. This will go out to your contacts with your name and logo with your featured information links CLICK HERE for a tour of an example email.
  4. Provide statistics and results whenever they go out to measure readership and links. 
  5. Optional: Set up customer satisfaction surveys and gather survey results and testimonials for you (that can be added to your website). This will also add names to your database.
What you will do:
  1. ONE-TIME: Invite others to be included in your newsletter. The more you have, the less your cost. Piggyback on the emails of others for more exposure. 
  2. ON-GOING: Ask for emails from each customer or contact to build your database. We will provide a sign-up for your website as well.
  3. MONTHLY: Post an article, special offer, event or other content for the next newsletter. Even if you are only doing a quarterly newsletter, this will provide fresh content for others in their newsletters and for your website. We will provide you blog feeds to update your website. 
What you will get:
  1. All the names you provide and collect are yours and will not be sold or retained if you decide to go on your own.
  2. A statistical report of each newsletter that is sent out.

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