Expand your Digital Footprint

Improve your odds to be seen!


The bigger your footprint on the World Wide Web, the better your changes are to be found when someone searches for our products and/or services. However, your website is only so big. There are dozens of directories and search engines where you can get listed for FREE but it's difficult to find the TIME to keep it all updated.

Even worse than MISSING information is WRONG information. Sometimes the directories and search engines will pull your business information from other sources. They may have posted an old address or phone number.


We provide you ONE DASHBOARD to enter and update all the information about your business that consumers want to know;
  • Name, address and phone number
  • Your logo & tagline
  • Hours of operation (as well as special hours for Holidays or sales)
  • Full list of products and services
  • Your menu if you are a restaurant including pictures & prices; what's more this can be embedded into your website!
  • Photos and other images
This information is synced across over 70 search engines and directories including Google, Facebook, FourSquare and more so you information is correct and visible in an expanded "digital footprint".

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