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Technology can help businesses with so much: marketing, customer service, setting appointments, followup and service delivery... Yet most businesses don't take advantage of it because they don't have time to research, customize and implement the tools... 

If you have ever been overwhelmed and/or confused by how to best use technology to build YOUR business, our support group is focused on helping businesses utilize hi-tech solutions with hi-touch strategies for hi-five results!
How we help you "connect the dots"...
There is a Catch-22 when it comes to technology. I know these things from personal experience and those of my clients and colleagues.
  1. Technology is changing faster than most small businesses can keep up with. It's frustrating!
  2. Technology is a huge asset to most business that will bring them more customers, save them  time AND money, and help their business run more smoothly.  It's game-changing!
  3. Point #1 gets in the way of Point #2. Now THAT'S frustrating!!
Because of that, we started the Tech Connective, your technology support group,  in January of 2013 and have given dozens of seminars and workshops to help get businesses a toe-hold on Point #1.

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