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Cloning Yourself - "E-sourcing!"

Have you ever said: "If only there were two of me!"?
3-D printers haven't gotten to that level of sophistication yet.
GOOD NEWS! You can put some of your business processes on "auto-pilot" to free up more of your valuable time. You can now "e-source" those mundane tasks that are still important for your business but often DON'T get done because you run out of time or they simply falls between the cracks.

What is "e-sourcing"? 
When you outsource to a virtual assistant or contractor or you insource to hired staff, you sometimes don't save time: you just shift your time from doing the task to management of staff doing the task. 

When you "e-source" to an auto-pilot system, there is no management, overtime, excuses, conflicts or drama. 

Here are some examples of things you can automate:

Isn't it time to
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