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Lead Followup 

You meet someone who has a interest in one of your products or services (or you get a referral from someone)? 
What's FIRST and then what's NEXT?
  1. I like to send an email first as a reminder or an introduction. Depending on what they are interested in, send them an email specific to that interest (If I know). I like to add a "call to action" so they know what their options are.
  2. If they click on a link within that email, it will trigger another action (schedule an appointment, send me an email, schedule a task).
  3. If they don't respond, in a specified number of days, send them a reminder.
  4. This reminder loop can trigger for a specified number of cycles. Once the loop expires, a tag can be set so I will be notified and can decide to call the prospect, put them in my newsletter or future follow-up loop, or put in my "lost lead" file.
Auto makers are building and testing cars that drive themselves. When they are perfected, IMAGINE how that would FREE up our TIME!! It would be like having a personal chauffeur to take us where we need to go so we focus on other tasks (no texting and driving problems!)

Now can build a SYSTEM that can drive your BUSINESS!! IMAGINE how that would FREE up our TIME!! It would be like having a personal assistant that would do all the humdrum tasks so we can focus on what is important and profitable!!

Test-Drive Options

Unless you have experienced that is is like, it's a little hard to imagine how it will work. So we have constructed a few test drives for you:
Lead Followup Close the Sales Cycle Project Tracking Courtesy Notes

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