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Get from Point A to Point of Sale Effort-less-ly!

Do your Customers & Prospects sometimes get "lost" in the shuffle?
Most business people that I know have said "There are NOT enough hours in a day!" Unfortunately, we each only get so many and if you're like me, I don't always follow up with all my prospects and clients the way I should. And therefore I KNOW I am leaving money on the table... 

That's a PROBLEM!

Wouldn't it be NICE to do MORE in LESS time? And even better, maybe have a little more time to work ON our business rather than IN it (or buried by it)? And here's a concept: have more FREE time for ourselves!
There's a "App" for that!
I am geographically challenged and so GPS was a great time-saver for me! I enter where I want to go and it tells me the most efficient route. It even maps out alternate routes based on traffic and other factors. Now I don't get lost and don't waste time. I can only imagine how much TIME it will save me when there is a driverless care that will get me there with NO involvement from me at all! 
We now offer a GPS for your business that does just that! We call it our "Business Productivity System" or BPS. It will get you from Point of Contact to Point of Sale in the most efficient route and saves you time and let's nothing get "lost" in the shuffle! And after the initial set-up it is effectively driver-less!

Here are just some of the things it will do for you:
  • Send out personalized email reminders and notices (these are MORE than form letters and are customized to YOUR business)
  • Schedule tasks and reminders to YOU when you need to make a phone call or complete a commitment
  • Notify others of the status of business situations so they can be kept up to date 
  • Do all of the above in ONE step instead of several. Efficient, effective, effort-less (a LOT less than without such as system!)
Program Benefits:
  1. Automate lead follow-up to schedule a consultation or quote. If you are juggling several leads, you don't have enough time to focus to make sure nothing gets dropped. This solves THAT problem. 
  2. Track & automate the process from Point of Contact to Point of Sale. Some decisions take time. So after the initial contact, ensure each and every proposal reaches a decision point so you don't drop that ball!
  3. Manage tasks in a project. Remind your team or your client of task status for their project. Communication is vital for efficiency and keeping everyone "in the loop" takes time (unless it is automated!)
  4. Send thank you and courtesy notes. The businesses that stand out to me are the ones that send personal notes that thank me for my time, my business or my referral. It's one of the things that also get put on the "back burner". Automation solves this problem and makes YOU look GOOD!
  5. And there is SO MUCH MORE! Each business and unique and our BPS is completely customized to business. 
Auto makers are building and testing cars that drive themselves. When they are perfected, IMAGINE how that would FREE up our TIME!! It would be like having a personal chauffeur to take us where we need to go so we focus on other tasks (no texting and driving problems!)

Now can build a SYSTEM that can drive your BUSINESS!! IMAGINE how that would FREE up our TIME!! It would be like having a personal assistant that would do all the humdrum tasks so we can focus on what is important and profitable!!

Test-Drive Options

Unless you have experienced that is is like, it's a little hard to imagine how it will work. So we have constructed a few test drives for you:
Lead Followup Close the Sales Cycle Project Tracking Courtesy Notes

Isn't it time to
Get your 'net in Gear?

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