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Do you make onsite customer service calls? 
Use Smartphones & Tablets to 
Enter, Track & Report Real Time!

Businesses often do simple tasks over and over. Some important ones don't even get done regularly because there just isn't enough time and while the big picture benefit is there, in the grind of daily operations there are simply more important things to be doing. Big business automates these. You can too.  

These are designed for you to test. Enter your information and receive a sample email as though it came from you! 

4440 Minnesota Security Report

Parking Lot
Entry Gate
Side Gate
Office 1
Office 2
Office 3
Parking lot
Thanks for Meeting
Enter the information as though you are
  • Thanks for meeting with me
  • Thanks for buying
  • Thanks for referring your friend
  • Thanks for sharing on social media
  • Thanks for ???
  • Shrink your buying cycle
  • Trigger repeat business
  • Stimulate referrals
  • Reduce Complaints
  • Improve social media posts
Thanks for Buying
Use smart phones and tablets to complete the paperwork on site on time.
  • Use tablets & smartphones
  • One step onsite completion
  • Track: 
    • who, what, where, when
    • Problems & Delays
    • Follow up & New Work
  • Updates and Notifications:
    • Real Time  
    • You & Customer(s)
Thanks for Sharing
Automate Customer Surveys
  • How Happy are customers?
  • What do they like? Not like?
  • What do they want more of? Less of? 
Follow Throughs
automate Thank you contacts with all your customers
The number 1 reason for not making a sale is not staying in touch until the prospect is ready to become a customer. 

Program follow through to happen no matter how busy you and your people are. 

Protect, speed and even customer flow.
Appointment Setting
Click to see how prospects can schedule appointments with you online
email Newsletters
"Best consistent return on investment in marketing for the last 15 years."
Clone Yourself
Clone Yourself with automation
"Best consistent return on investment in marketing for the last 15 years."
Work Flow Tracking
Automate tracking for your work flow
"Best consistent return on investment in marketing for the last 15 years."
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