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Websites for Associations

Over the years, we have developed website for several associations, organizations and groups. Though their needs vary, they often share one or more of the following circumstances:
  1. Their previous website was often developed by a volunteer member who had some website development expertise.
  2. Now that member is no longer involved with the group, has no more interest or time to devote to the website, or has simply become unreachable.
  3. The tools used to build the website is not accessible by anyone else (aka - no one else has the "keys" to the website)
  4. The tools used to build the website were not the best fit for the organization and were only used because the previous website developer was familiar with them.
  5. Once developed, the website has become out-of-date from both a content as well as a technology perspective.
When we work with an association, we focus on the following:
  1. We work with the Board or a website committee to understand their needs and to recommend a tool that best fits their needs. Why us? 15+ years working with businesses and organizations make us more than just "tech geeks". 
  2. Sometimes we use more than one tool and integrate them for the best results.
    Why us?
    30+ years of technology experience has taught us that it is not a "one size fits all" world and that it's often finding the best tool for each job and not just the "best fit" and making do... 
  3. We often "read between the lines" when we propose a web solution. We know what technology is capable of and come up with ideas to save the organization time and attract more members.
    Why us? We think beyond the box. Innovation is what makes US different so that we can help YOU "get your 'net in gear"!
  4. Part of every proposal is to ensure each organization has continual support, training and the "keys". 
    Why us? I pride myself in being a patient and pragmatic teacher and trainer. My goal is to have you comfortable managing the website yourself. I am available for on-going support and the tools I use have customer support and training available as well.
  5. We offer a FREE "Digital Diagnostic" on your current website. With no obligation, we will spend 30-40 minutes with you reviewing your current site and making suggestions. 
    Why not? You have nothing to lose except your out-of-date, hard-to-manage website...
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